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Overview – Role Summary:
To lead the customer service team within a program to deliver first-class campaign execution.
Apply project management best practices; meet key milestones, exercise inventory
management skills and program analysis expertise. To build and develop long-term client
relationship and become a pivotal role with clients and internal departments.

Main Roles & Responsibilities:

Project Management
• In charge of client management and strive for customer service excellence within a program
• Project planning with clear establish timelines; highlight key deadlines and milestones to
relevant parties and ensure milestones are met
• Lead and initiate internal meetings, when necessary, to invite relevant internal parties to
participate in planning and implementation of project plan
• Guide the customer service team to Implement key program deliverables
• Manage business plans and processes; integrate information across departmentsand
recommend appropriate action plans leading to successful program delivery

Inventory Management
· Manage and guide the team on delivery planning to maximise supply chainflexibility,
whilst fulfilling projected sales demand
· Actively explore delivery plan against redemption trend and item ratios, establishing
contingency plans on stock management

· Adopt global view on stock risks and proactively recommend options to minimise out-of-
stock or surplus stock situations through close communication with supply chain

· Resolve inventory challenges and proactively initiate discussions with internaldepartments

Program Measurement
· Critical analysis of program results, with added-value on identifying reasons forprogram
performance and customised reports to the client
· Detail analysis and recommendation on re-projections: discuss with GFT or relevantparties
on a timely basis
· Effective program analysis, and measurement; proactively highlight key findings in support
of decisions.
· Produce clear program wrap-up presentations, professionally present key findings tothe
· Incorporate 3.0 campaign activation measurement result from Campaign managerinto
weekly and/or wrap up presentations when applicable.
Client Management
• Develop long-term client relationship with key decision makers within client’sbusiness
· Participate and support in early program proposals with Sales and Campaign manager with
a broad, yet detail knowledge of the business
· Participate or lead where relevant, in client meetings to ensure all communication is
professionally delivered
• Proactively understand client’s operational challenges, and lead internal parties toresolve
potential operating constraints

Key competences
Planning/organizing, analytical skills, stress tolerance, communication, critical thinking

Key relationships
Client, cross operational functions, sales, head of PM, key vendors

Key Performance Indicators
1. Project Management – ensure all (responsible) campaigns are executed seamlessly and
meet all key program deliverables.
(KPI: Customer satisfaction, meet program milestones and P&L’s as budgeted)
2. Inventory Management – actively monitor program demand and supply level, diligently
perform re-projection exercise and effectively communicate with internal teams.Follow
company inventory policy based on client segmentation guideline.
(KPI: buffer level, return qty, cost)
3. Program Measurement – perform critical program analysis, regularly update anddiscuss
with client on program performance to gain alignment.
(KPI: Customer buy-in to weekly and/or wrap up report)
4. Client Management – Foster strong client relationship and strive for customerservice
(KPI: Customer satisfaction, repeat program)

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3-4 años

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